Sunday, June 28, 2009

up, up, up and away!

i know i have neglected my poor blog for much too long, but year 12 really does keep you busy! Right now im almost jumping out of my seat thinking about tomorrow 3:30pm when i will be boarding a DJ something or other that will take me from beautiful brisbane down to sydney, followed by a 12 hour flight from sydney to Los Angeles!!! that's right folks...i am jetting over to the states :) today i prepared for the very looooooong flight by purchasing some essentials: the latest issue of frankie and teen vogue, as well as the highly-acclaimed novel: "tomorrow when the war began" by john marsden. i have been told it is fantastic! thankfully, v australia provides you with a rather extensive music and movie selection aswell. today i also made sure i stopped at ted's camera house to get some polaroid film...gee it's expensive...but it's so worth it! so i will have to upload some pics from the trip onto under the olive tree when i return. i am hoping very much that i will get one of me standing in front of the golden gate bridge in san fransisco.

i will have to buy a lot of chewing gum before the flight...and maybe some panadol considering the severe ear pain i suffer on flights :( it was pretty bad on our year 12 sydney trip flight...i was deaf for a few hours after the flight...

on a brighter note! on our agenda is disneyland, a dodgers baseball game, legoland, beaching it, and shopping of course! i cannot wait :) i will miss all my lovely friends while i am away, but i have promised to bring each of them something back :)

well i do believe it is bye for now. promise to post details of the trip when i get back in two weeks! adieu lovelies! oxo