Monday, June 28, 2010

a wondrous weekend.

A bit random, but I wanted to show you what sits on top of Belle (my piano)...

...and also my ever-increasing collection of little goldens. thanks lifeline bookfest :)

On friday, i bought some pretty cool birdie lanterns from Typo. We used them at our friday night youth program SWAMP, along with the 108 candles we had going...


These man-made mushrooms were displayed outside on the verandah of the Old Museum at the Finders Keepers Markets yesterday, and they caught my eye. Aren't they cool? My lovely comrade Anita Lim was also highly fond of them, and will probably nab this photograph, which I permit her to do :) Next craft project: make some mushrooms.

pack of cards from the Frankie stall at FK markets; cover artworks are designed by some renowned illustrators including Beci Orpin & Kat Macleod.

I picked up a pair of ultra cool emerald green earrings at the Pear Shaped table...and got the awesome postcard for free at the Able and Game stall.


So after the markets I headed off to the best teen social ever! We had an 'amazing race' around Underwood Park, and I was paired with probably THE most competitive person there, Kylan Ragamaru Lovai. haha, we came 2nd. Today my arms ache from 60 push-ups (I don't like doing push-ups...) and my throat remains sore from eating a beetroot slice and half a cup of dry Milo. I am still convinced that this idea was solely conceived by Kellie Benard...

This is Kylan and I trying to figure out a word...'adventures' 

After the race, we headed to the Louwen's house for a BBQ and bonfire (there was lots of fire involved this weekend...) It was marvelous. Below sits the coolest group of people you'll probably ever meet.

I hope your weekend was as fantastic as mine was :)

Thursday, June 24, 2010

jack :)

Jack Johnson, probably my favourite music artist of all time, will be in Brisbane at the end of the year. My heart was pounding hard in a hurried effort to score an early bird ticket a few weeks ago. Thank you to my dear mother, who bought me one for a christmas present :) My excitement is profuse!! See you in december, JJ.

from polly.

note: polly is the name of my polaroid camera. I have a tendency to name a lot of my things...
These are some of my most recent snapshots: from our January Fiji holiday, April USA trip and from some local adventures near the Manly Bay here in the sunshine state.