Thursday, July 29, 2010

a bit of yum.


Feast your eyes! Yesterday I was having a bit of a bummer up until 11:00am. It was at this point in time that myself and my lovely mum, nan and aunty entered 'The Gunshop Cafe' in West End. We've always meant to go but regrettably never really committed to the idea...until now. Above is one of the most delectable brunch dishes my mouth has ever experienced: Berry brioche french toast with vanilla marscarpone, toasted almonds and fresh strawberries (yum!). Below is another treat: potato feta hash cakes with spinach and herb sour cream. They also do a fantastic coffee. What are you waiting for? Get yourself over there and treat your tastebuds and tummy. It's on Mollison St just opposite The Three Monkeys Cafe and it's the perfect little place for eating brekkie on a sunday morning.

Monday, July 26, 2010


I got my first roll of film developed :)
Location: Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Burleigh Beach.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

mike's in melbourne.

While Mum was in Melbourne for the Decoration & Design Fair last week, she popped into the Meet me at Mike's store. I was very envious, but she did take some photos...

She took some snaps of 'The Envelope Project' window. It's looking smashing isn't it? If you haven't heard of this latest project of Pip's, you should definitely check it out on her blog:
and maybe even send in your own little package of crafty goodness. The contents can be as simple as you like.

Mumsy-dear took a close-up shot of this particular envelope below because lo and behold, it features some of my favourite characters: Charlie & Lola.

As a gift of gratitude for babysitting her younger offspring while she was away, mum brought me back this little cardi from Mike's. 

Mothers are the best, aren't they? xx
*poster |ˈpōstər|
nouna large printed picture used for decoration.• a large printed picture, notice, or advertisement displayed in a public place [as adj. a poster campaign.

I scored this vintage Wizard of Oz poster at WAC last friday.

*trilby |ˈtrilbē|
noun ( pl. -bies) chiefly Brit.a soft felt hat with a narrow brim and indented crown.

I found this Elk Trilby Hat yesterday and mum persuaded me to get it. It has a caravan on it, and red stitching... (sigh). I think it's brilliant :)

*origami |ˌôrəˈgämē|
nounthe Japanese art of folding paper into decorative shapes and figures.

I've been giving origami a go lately, which of course also spurred the interest of my younger siblings...
I'd like to make enough for a mobile.

*sheet music
nounprinted musicas opposed to performed or recorded music.• music published in single or interleaved sheets, not bound.

Found some fantastic sheet music wrapping paper yesterday. I plan to cover my piano stool in it, and to recover the seat. It's a wee bit exciting :)

*boule 1 |boōl| (also boules pronunc. same)nouna French lawn game, played on rough ground with metal balls.

Last of all, but certainly not least, I found this a few weeks ago at WAC (yes, I know I have been there a lot lately...) It is a very old boules case, and it grabbed my eye because I've been looking at getting a vintage case. However, even more importantly, it has my dad's initials printed on it: 'L.H.' I was extremely stoked to discover this little treasure, and bought it without a second thought. I used it as the 'wrapping' for dad's birthday, and filled it with tissue paper, a book, dark chocolate, and poker chips. Even more cool was the fact that dad's grandfather had a case that looked exactly the same, with HIS initials on it! ;)

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

antique adventures.

I had a pretty great day today. After morning coffee, mum and I went to a favourite place of ours. The Antique Centre at Woolloongabba has been fairly recently established, and is now the largest in Brisbane. It is a VERY cool place, and if you've never been before, I strongly urge you to! It is massive, and filled with an array of amazing vintage dresses, retro homewares, bottles, jars, cameras, suitcases, quirky collectable items and much much more. It even has a section screening silent films and a 50s style cafe! I have a few photos to share, just to give you an idea of how incredible the place really is :) 

Thursday, July 1, 2010

let's catch up.

So I only just realised that there was a good 6 or 7 month gap in my blogposts, and a lot can happen in that amount of time, and a lot did. Here is a short summary of a few things that happened:
  • I turned 17-years-old, and celebrated at New Farm Park with friends, family, tree-climbing and macaroons.
  • I began dating a dashing young man.
  • I had the most fun and best big camp ever with all my mates.
  • I saw my artwork in the Powerhouse.
  • We sold our house at Camp Hill, and moved two streets down into a rental, which I dislike (I miss my old house, and so does our dog...)
  • I finished QCS, and all high school exams and assignments.
  • I had my formal.
  • I went to Mungindi on a Storm Co trip.
  • I graduated High School.
  • I got a valuable piece of paper from the QUT Vice-Chancellor.
  • I got my hair cut.
  • I started using a film camera.
  • I've had more time for craft.
  • I made a lemon meringue pie completely from scratch.
  • I went to Fiji.
  • I went to San Diego, Las Vegas and Los Angeles.
  • We started building a house on our block at Coorparoo.
  • I started studying Architecture.
  • I learnt what it's like to be lonely in a big place.
  • I was a counsellor at Junior Camp, and it was one of the most exhausting, but greatest weeks of my life.
  • I had to say goodbye to some of my dearest friends as they moved down south, but grew closer to other friends.
  • I saw Diana Krall, Melody Gardot and Madeleine Peyroux live.
  • My Mother and Aunties went to Paris.
  • I got a Suzani quilt as a very EARLY birthday present, haha.
  • My friend Lauren and I started organising a friday night youth program.
  • I went on a design camp.
  • A close family friend passed away.
  • I experienced the awesomeness of a bonfire.
  • I conquered my first (extremely scary!) semester of university.
  • I learnt that life is what you make it.
  • I learnt that change, though not always welcomed, is both necessary and inevitable.
  • I learnt that God is the one thing that remains present, constant and unchanged.