Tuesday, November 10, 2009

light at the end of the tunnel...


currently i am FED UP with this beyond stupid 'aboriginal spirituality' assignment for study of religion...it's a flogging speech. can you believe it? everytime i sit down to work on it, i get a headache & want to go to bed. but instead of succumbing to that desire once again, i decided to visit my olive tree.

well, as much as i dislike assignments & exams, i have actually always loved exam week for some strange reason. possibly because it means i only have to go to school for specific time slots; when it is absolutely necessary. which is great. i did my english presentation on the 'representation of women in our media.' so thank goodness that is out of the way. i'm looking forward to watching packed to the rafters tonight.

i've been pretty nostalgic & sentimental about finishing school lately... it's really quite...daunting & sad. but i'm trying to just enjoy what little time i have left, rather than being all debbie-downer about it all being over. silly me. i've really missed blogging, just writing down random trivial little thoughts. my noggin is a random one.

i'm currently listening to diana krall. *sigh* she is wonderful. AND, she is coming to concert next year in march! hoorah! so, there's a ticket with my name on it that shall be regarded as one of my christmas presents. you know what else is on my wishlist and has been for MONTHS now? check out this baby, well i suppose it's really a mother, of a package from lomography.com:
heck to the yes! i've also been eyeing off a few of their other cameras :) but the diana mini or F+ is the first on my list.
now to conclude my post (that i sincerely wish could be longer, but i must get back to aboriginal spirituality. grr) these are 10 things i am thankful for:

1. brooke fraser's music and her amaaaazing and inspiring website/blog.

2. coffee & strawberry shortcake for morning tea. my sustenance for the day.

3. books. books. books. & rainy days where you don't need to feel guilty for cosy-ing up in bed all day.

4. frankie & peppermint mag.

5. the organic markets & their breakfast pizzas.

6. friday nights, tealight candles, pianos & acoustic guitars.

7. my beyond-marvelous fam bam & small group sisters.

8. olives.

9. banana scrabble.

10. the art of blogging.

have a splendid afternoon. unfortunately, i bet yours will be better than mine :( simply because you don't need to analyse aboriginal rites of passage and rock paintings.
cheerio! xo