Wednesday, September 9, 2009

artsy fartsy

OKAY, so i'm getting pretty sick of studying and doing boring i decided i desperately needed a blogging break. oh, and today i bought the new Frankie and a curly wurly and strawberry sundae lifesavers :) i guess it's like a little survival pack to get me through these last couple of days. oh man. maths b exam tomorrow. OH THE JOYS.
anyhoo, these pictures that you see are actually of my most recent artwork :) it's a collaboration between wearable and installation art...and i'm really happy with how it turned out.
i guess what inspired the work was the process of metamorphosis. when a butterfly is developing within its cocoon, we are told not to touch or interfere or we could interrupt the process and affect the outcome. i saw that there was a bit of an analogy when it came to teenagers. as we are growing up, there are people around us: family, teachers, peers, etc who like to lay their opinions and expectations upon us, trying to make their mark on our 'cocoon.' they are often so eager to see the outcome, expecting something perfect. my work illustrates this whole concept :) that teenagers need to be given the chance to experience life for themselves and to make their own choices & mistakes. we may not end up perfect, and we may disappoint others, but at least we can have our own dreams and aspirations, and learn our own lessons.
i like it because it looks really organic and whimsical :)

well, unfortunately i must be off to study more for maths. lovely to drop in though :) xx