Monday, December 12, 2011


1. my new favourite necklace purchased from here
2. 3. 4. & 5. a christmas bundle for a lovely little girl
6. new pillowcases from here
7. favourite classics
8. vintage threads
9. a handmade crochet necklace inspired by Pip's new book
10. secret santa present for the loveliest christmas party there ever was.

my posts have been sparse lately, but my family has been very busy moving house (which took a VERY long time...), i've been finishing uni and then got sick, and life has just been crazy in general...again. now that it is holidays, however, i endeavour to make a serious effort in blogging, including giving Under The Olive Tree a bit of a facelift! i have been working on its new look which will be revealed at a later date. tomorrow i head to summer camp for a week. more soon when i return!