Thursday, May 6, 2010

viewing life from under the tree once again.

hi hello world of bloggers.
i haven't come to sit under the olive tree in quite some time. in fact, it's so ridiculous, it's been about half a year. lots of marvellous, tragic, funny, fulfilling, scary, beautiful things have happened in that time. i hope to catch you up on a few of them over say, the next few months. haha! just kidding. i hope to be a lot better at this blogging thing the second time around. but hey, nobody's perfect, right?
well anyway, today i felt inspired to bake. so i baked. and you know what i baked? no you don't, but i'm about to tell you, i just wanted to say 'baked' one more time. i baked raspberry spelt flour muffins, and kinda audaciously improvised my own recipe. yikes! anyway, they turned out to be deliciously delicious. if you don't believe me, ask my mother and my aunt. mum is about to have a second with her afternoon cup of tea.
after the success of the muffins i pottered around the house singing along to some tunes and took a few photos of bits and pieces. one being my collection of old cameras. there is a newbie to the collection, he is a little brownie six-20 model C camera and he's pretty ancient, since he's from the 40s/50s.
i'd better stop procrastinating from my uni work...but i have left a little collection of the photos i took today, hopefully you'll enjoy them as much as i still am :)
it's nice to be back under the tree.
the baked goodies!

say hello to my little friends :)

a recent creation for my bedroom wall :)

the tin i made in grade 9 home ec, using sweet sentimental sewing things from my great grandmother's collection.