Sunday, September 5, 2010

a moment in time.

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watching... how i met your mother. freaking hilarious and amazing show. it makes me feel happy and puts my brain to sleep for a while when i desperately need a study break :)
eating... this weekend i've had some homemade pizza, pumpkin & feta quiche, salad, strawberries and scones. they were all VERY good.
reading... the second & third books of the 'tomorrow' series. the movie is amazing. if you haven't seen it, you need to! absolutely brilliant.
listening... to brooke fraser's newest single 'something in the water' on replay. cannot wait for the release of her new album 'flags' on october 12! also, hillsong's new album 'a beautiful exchange.'
wanting... peace of mind, some mini pegs, more polaroid film and a sunny day away at Noosa.
excited about... youth alive, my birthday party, my online purchases arriving at my door, and camp.

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