Thursday, October 14, 2010

what lies beyond.

Life has been too busy to take a breather this week. Architecture is a pretty exhausting thing to study at uni, with the late nights, model-making, drawing, early morning lectures, tutors with high expectations, and end-of-year designs all due around the same time. Thank goodness for coffee and great family & friends...this is what gets you through! I'm in the middle of crunch time, and I'm exhausted! I was very pleased and relieved to hand in a group assignment today that was causing a bit of strife. 

All of this work, work and more work is making me terribly excited for the upcoming summer holidays. I have plans to get out my art box and craft supplies, read, bake, head to the beach, go swimming, move into our new house, see jack johnson on stage, enjoy some sleep-ins, go out for dinner, blog, watch movies and get some chill time with fam & friends! Here's what's keeping me going:

This fab pear pillow is from etsy, but I'd like to make my own :)

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