Monday, June 27, 2011

thank goodness for holidays.

designing is hard. it pushes your mind way outside what it's used to and it will chew into your sleeping hours. it's emotionally draining, too, when you wonder if your idea is even good enough to make the cut. but i made it to the end of the semester. architecture is challenging, and many people don't make it.
i want to be one of the ones that does. 

but thank goodness for holidays! and for mothers who will feed you as you're drawing and bring you cups of tea and heatpacks at 1 in the morning when your throat is sore and neck is frozen stiff. 
i'm so excited to get my camera out again and to capture the joys of this break.
it's great to be back in the land of the living :)


  1. You will be a brilliant architect K, enjoy your break!

  2. I agree ;) yay for holidays!