Tuesday, July 19, 2011

you already have everything you need.

I love a day at home. It reminds me of how many things I have to entertain me sitting in my room or the kitchen pantry. Lately I've been baking apple custard teacakes and chocolate pudding, cooking yummy pasta, re-vamping things in my room (like the blackboard - the quote is adapted from a public artwork I saw in west end during my lunchbreak...), making love garlands, an artwork for my sister's room and some mini bunting for my sewing box, and refreshing my nanna knowledge in the field of crochet.
the simple life is splendid. i have everything i need.


  1. Gorgeous as always, and an excellent reminder for all of us! Thanks :)

  2. So cute :) I love that LOVE garland. So simple it is perfect.

  3. i am jealous of your simple life.

    come and create with me :)

    love you xx

    p.s - pasta recipe? please... :)

  4. love that quote k, very profound!

  5. thank you ladies! and thanks for leaving such lovely messages. kel, i wish we could sip tea and sew all the time. i will pass on that recipe next time i see you. it's really easy to make! xx

  6. hi there,
    i love your day at home!
    yes, i also have everything i need. wonderful isn't it?

  7. These are some amazing pictures that you have shared with us that really brought a smile to my face so thank you for posting and sharing it on your blog I look forward to more