Wednesday, February 29, 2012

birthday preparations.

So as you can already tell from my last post, I'm actually really excited about my sister's birthday this year! I'm not really sure why...maybe because she's turning 10 and therefore growing up and I'm trying to make the most of her being little while I can, by buying and making her cute, little-girlish things and helping mum plan a sweet little teaparty for her and her friends. I don't know, I just want this birthday to be really special for her. So for her present (lucky she doesn't check my blog), I made her a crochet necklace and bought a gorgeous heat-pack from a favourite shop because she's always stealing mine. now she can finally have her own! therefore it is both cute and practical - double win. her teaparty is happening this sunday morning so I'll try to snap some photos to share!


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  2. The best part about birthday parties is the process of planning and preparing! its all fun and games before the party starts.loved your blog so far, take care!

  3. Sister love can never be measured. This is the cute relation in the world. You have fights but still you share everything. Seems like you are so excited for your sister's birthday. Preparations look aweaome. Wish her a happy birthday and a blessed life.