Sunday, August 2, 2009

Lisa Mitchell Love

image via Flickr
"this girl is amazing. she just draws you in. how could you not love her?" FAN COMMENT

i found out about lisa mitchell a while ago, by watching my very favourite show: packed to the rafters :-) she has the most magical voice, it's simply enchanting. PLUS she has the coolest sense of style becauseeeee she is a greenie. she is a big big fan of the op shops (like myself) which i admire even more! at only 19 years of age the young talent has been jetting off on tours all over the globe. i love seeing the talent that Australia has; my other favourites including Lenka, Lior, Sarah Blasko and Cat Empire. my very favourite lisa mitchell tracks would have to be 'neopolitan dreams' and 'coin laundry.' if you haven't heard of her yet (which i would be so very surprised to hear that you haven't) then you simply must go check it all out. i can't wait to go to one of her concerts!

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