Tuesday, August 18, 2009

music notes...

oh my...i am so very sick of year 12! it is driving me to the point of insanity. today amanda and i were walking up the stairs, and i tripped. yes, that's right. ahh, yesterday and today have just not been that dandy. yesterday i had a doozie of a music exam...grr! mozart and beethoven and bach...i am ticked off at you. why'd you have to write such complex stuff? and today, i had to hand in my maths assignment. we had to do a home loan...and now i don't think i ever want to purchase a home for fear of mortgage stress! ahhhhhhh. PLUS, i had to write a silly QCS writing task practice last night which kept me up late..and i am sick (my nose drips like our outside leaky tap) and i had to go to the flipping dentist yesterday to have an elastic band wedged between my teeth. my 12-year-old molars haven't grown at all over the last two years...and i didn't like the look on the dentist's face :S so fingers crossed the elastic band does something useful...but for now, my gum is in pain.

but despite these not-so-wonderful happenings, im still looking for the light at the end of the tunnel. im really enjoying art this year. right now, it's pretty much the only subject that isn't making me want to tear my hair out in exasperation!

im actually supposed to be doing my bible assignment right now, but what the heck. i decided to blog because it relaxes me and makes me happy. oooooo and i am also listening to sarah blasko, one of my favourite aussie singer-songwriters. i got amanda onto her this week too, and she likes it of course :) you see, amanda and i are like sisters, so we always like the same things. i love amanda.
so yes, right now sarah blasko is lulling me with "goodbye yellow brick road." it's a cover of elton's john's original, but im liking her version a lot! i also like her songs "we won't run" "hold on my heart" and "all i want." i think she's pretty rad :) so i put a picture of her below. it's her album cover, isn't it cute? i think so.

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