Thursday, July 22, 2010

mike's in melbourne.

While Mum was in Melbourne for the Decoration & Design Fair last week, she popped into the Meet me at Mike's store. I was very envious, but she did take some photos...

She took some snaps of 'The Envelope Project' window. It's looking smashing isn't it? If you haven't heard of this latest project of Pip's, you should definitely check it out on her blog:
and maybe even send in your own little package of crafty goodness. The contents can be as simple as you like.

Mumsy-dear took a close-up shot of this particular envelope below because lo and behold, it features some of my favourite characters: Charlie & Lola.

As a gift of gratitude for babysitting her younger offspring while she was away, mum brought me back this little cardi from Mike's. 

Mothers are the best, aren't they? xx

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