Sunday, March 20, 2011


I've had the most incredible weekend. My mum, aunty, nan and I ventured down to Sydney last thursday for the annual Hillsong Colour Conference. It goes without saying, that it was amazing! I have come home today feeling so blessed and inspired. We had a lovely time roaming around Surrey Hills and the City while we were down there as well. The bottom two photos are from a new section in the city shopping area. There was a cute little cafe there featuring an old clothes line in its centre, from which some little lights hung. There was also an arrangement of all sorts of vintage chairs. It was very cool!
Best weekend ever.


  1. Fab photos, your blog is lovely :)
    ps.I have sent you a little message via etsy

  2. Thanks Kelse - it was fun wasn't it! Love your photos! Aunty T xx