Saturday, May 7, 2011

in a nutshell.


greetings! i get tired of blogging about how busy life is and doing these sporadic, big posts to try and catch you up on everything that's been happening, but here I am once again...
Because, heck, life is busy! This morning is the only opportunity I have to sit down and relax, and blog! A warning: architecture is a very hard and time consuming course to study...
So what have I been doing?

- using my holga camera (the film roll is nearly finished!)
- drinking vanilla tea from my aunty's green cabbage leaf tea cups
- admiring heritage buildings with character
- purchasing vintage dresses for a lovely little baby
- doing a three-day easter photo series of one very powerful image
- making porridge, muesli and juices from fresh, organic produce
- work and university (the bottom photo is my wearable architecture in progress...perhaps I should show you the finished product sometime?)

I am very thankful for the lovely comments that have been left here in my absence. I do appreciate them! And I will get back to those with questions shortly :)
Happy weekend to you all! xx

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