Thursday, April 14, 2011

all you need is love.

Look at this. Isn't it lovely? This is a package I opened today from the wonderful kellie. She is one of the most thoughtful and caring people i know. Even amidst the craziness of high school teaching and the several other commitments she has, she can manage to put together a bundle of goodness for a friend! I admire this greatly. This week has been so hectic, i haven't stopped. I even missed out on craft night last night, and have to miss out on another meeting tonight. So I just needed to take five minutes to do a post and share this lovely gesture which has brought joy to my week.
thanks kel, you're a sweetheart! xx
(pop over to her awesome blog and give her some love)


  1. She really is the most lovely of lovelies! I feel so lucky to have blog-met her :)

  2. i only just saw this post! YOU are lovely and i miss youuuuu xx

  3. she is super awesome isn't she? so glad I came across her blog *I think* last year and yours too (today) ;)