Friday, August 27, 2010

the birthday season.

Today is my beautiful friend Emma's birthday (who is also my boyfriend's sister). This is the package of goodness from both of us that I wrapped up last night. I was very pleased to use my newest purchase - kikki k alphabet stamps!

I have a number of presents to buy in the next few weeks for various family members and best friends. Tomorrow night is my mum's 40th birthday party, so I will try and post some pics of it. It seems to be everyone's birthday coming up soon, including my own! I have started filling out these fantastic invitations that I bought in a San Diego Target earlier this year. Aren't they fab?


  1. I love this wrapping - so cute! I have started hoarding string and brown paper for wrapping. I also love those alphabet stamps :)

  2. Thanks! it was so simple to put together. Just some drawing paper, stamps and twine :)