Monday, August 16, 2010

happy snaps.

Greetings! It is quite a cold morning in Brisbane, especially for someone who is! I spent the majority of my weekend helping to paint my boyfriend's house with heaps of our other friends/family. It was great fun, but quite exhausting work! It's also freezing cold in that house...

This morning's post contains just a few happy snaps from the past week.

This is my Holga camera. I didn't like the mundane strap that came with it, so I tied some green spotty ribbon and a little knitted rabbit to it. Great handle (and it looks pretty)!

I have been very impressed by this window display in Sportscraft for some time now, so I finally took a photo of it. I love the thick-rope bunting, photos, vintage maps, suitcases and cameras. Inspiration for a bedroom, perhaps? :) 

After many years of using my small, now tattered and torn wallet, I finally bought a new one! And isn't it splendid? It's from nook, a little shop in West End full of handmade, eco and indie goodies. 

Hope you have a great week :) x


  1. Wow - what inspiring pics! that Sportscraft display is incredible, thanks for showing us! Your customised Holga is gorgeous and I adore your new purse! :)

  2. thanks so much! & thank you for following :) you have a gorgeous blog yourself! x