Thursday, February 17, 2011

all sorts of lovely...

my sewing box is now overflowing...i love it.

Luke stealthily bought 2 tickets to see Wicked (woohoo!) for Valentine's. We went on tuesday night and it was magnificent! He also bought me the program which is full of cool pictures :)

my growing collection of little goldens. i was recently given another to add to the collection by a very lovely lady.

one of my fabric packages from the etsy store 'little tea wagon' arrived in the mailbox today! it was wrapped up so nicely, and the sheets smell of lovely laundry powder, rather than my great grandmother's wardrobe.

i was in west end today and couldn't resist popping into one of my favourite stores, Nook. i bought another pair of earrings, and some little jane st ribbon and a magnet to add to the collection.

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