Sunday, February 13, 2011

Day 24: A letter to your parents.

To my amazing parents (not exaggerating),

We've had a lot of good times together, us three. You guys have been more than parents, you've literally been best friends. I have fun hanging out with you. How many other teenage girls can honestly say they love just chilling out with their parents? I definitely can.
I respect you so much and know that I can rely on you for support and advice whenever it is needed. You have never been pushy; you've always told me that I'm free to choose my own path. I love that. Not many parents can watch their kids grow without imposing their own ideas and dreams for their lives, on them. What I love most about you though, is your amazing faith and love for Jesus. You've been amazing spiritual role models, not for seeming perfect in your walk with God, but for being in love with Him and seeking him in everything you do, knowing that he can take our faults and failures and makes something beautiful out of them.
So I just want to show some gratitude. And words are never enough...but thank you for holding me tight when I've been heartbroken, for letting me go when I need to have new experiences and discover who I am, for sharing laughs and tears, for being trustworthy to confide in, for putting up with me when I blow my hair in your bathroom and leave long strands of brown hair all over your floor, for being patient with my faults, and for highlighting my strengths. You guys truly rock.

And I love you tonnes.

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