Tuesday, February 1, 2011

lovely pages.

I love these 2 books; both are christmas presents. the first is pip lincolne's latest craft book 'sew la tea do.' it's awesome! I made the choc chip cookies from her recipe in the back and they are tasty. she is a very talented lady and the photos she has captured for her book are really gorgeous. thanks pip!

the second book is '101 dreams' from kikki k. this was a gift from my mum, for me to document my 101 list. it has a few of my favourite quotes inside. it is lovely.


  1. i really really really want to buy that 101 book!!!

  2. those books are amazing...i must look for that 101 dreams one :) If you like lists you should look up the Listography books. xo

  3. me again, who is the publisher of the dream book, couldn't find it on amazon so may order one, i need something like that to get me going :)