Friday, February 25, 2011


watching... Glee. great show. and a lil' bit of modern family too.

eating... olive bread, nectarines, and homemade raspberry jelly.

listening to...  Hillsong United, Ingrid Michaelson, Little Red, A& J.

reading... the bible. particularly psalms and proverbs - full of good stuff. i am also (impatiently) waiting for my current issue of frankie to come in the mail...there were a few issues with my change of address & the subsription - my aunty told them the wrong house least she got the street right? so close, yet so far.

excited about... the songwriting bug biting again. yes, that is the reason for the above photo. i have written bits and pieces in my lyric book for the last year and a bit, but haven't been able to finish a song in quite a while. yesterday afternoon was the defining moment. it felt great.

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